Karl H. Kettelhut Structural Engineering Laboratory

The Karl H. Kettelhut Structural Engineering Laboratory, located within the School of Civil Engineering Building, is a 5,000 square ft space with a strong floor designed to resist large vertical and horizontal loads. The laboratory is used in conjunction with the Bowen Laboratory to test structures and structural components, and allow for an improved understanding of structural behavior.

The strong floor, spread over 2,500 square ft of the laboratory floor area, consists of a 6-ft square grid to tie-down and lateral thrust anchors for support of loading frames used for component testing. Each anchor point has a 48-ton capacity. The laboratory can accommodate specimens up to 50-ft long. In addition, the hydraulic system can supply 70 gallons per minute.

Specimens may also be testing using either a 600-kip (300 ton) universal-testing machine that has 25-ft vertical clearance or 300-kip (150 ton) servo-hydraulic materials testing system. Modern instrumentation, including multi-channel computer controlled data acquisition systems, is available for measurement and data collection.