Structural Engineering

Structural engineers are designing infrastructure, critical to the 21st century. Structural engineers design, as well as analyze the response and behavior of various structures ranging from bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels, retaining walls and other such structures.

The Structural Engineering area provides a total program balanced with respect to basic and applied research, ranging from solid mechanics to high performance computing and earthquake engineering. These involve both theoretical and experimental investigations pertaining to the science, mechanics, risk and reliability for response and behavior of reinforced concrete (RC), prestressed concrete (PC), structural steel, and structural composites.

Structural Engineering's faculty members are dedicated to teaching and research. The 66,000 square-foot Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Research is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world which provides hands-on opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. View the live web cam of the Bowen Lab, and check out the projects page for a sampling of Bowen Lab research.


Down the road from the Bowen Laboratory and on a dirt path nestled in the woods, is a fenced-in area that houses the S-BRITE (Steel Bridge Research, Inspection, Training, and Engineering) center for civil engineering students.
Aishwarya Puranam
Civil Engineering graduate student Aishwarya Puranam has been honored by the ACI Foundation to receive the W. Gene Corley Memorial Scholarship for her studies during the 2015-2016 academic year.
A workshop was held at Bowen Laboratory June 7-8 to bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts in the area of data-driven modeling methods, especially those that focus on nonlinear system/model identification and damage detection to share experiences and foster opportunities.
steel truss bridge
Here is a a quick look at the anticipated delivery of a 1937 truss bridge originating from Michigan. The trusses will be setup later this spring for use at Purdue University's Steel Bridge Research, Inspection, Training, and Engineering Center (S-BRITE) located outside of campus. The S-BRITE Center is under the direction of Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Robert Connor.
Alana Wilbee
Civil Engineering undergraduate student Alana Wilbee was named a recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship for the 2015 award year. Alana was selected for this honor among over 16,500 applicants.
Emily Byl
Purdue Chi Epsilon Chapter President Emily Byl has been selected as one of two 2015 National Chi Epsilon Graduate Fellowship recipients.
Santiago Pujol
Santiago Pujol, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, was recently tapped for his insight into the sharing of big data for an article in Science News magazine.
Good Morning America Screenshot
On March 6, 2015, Good Morning America aired an investigation on bridge accidents. Footage was used that originated from Purdue University Associate Professor of Lyles School of Civil Engineering Robert Connor and his research with a web-based bridge monitoring interface. His research focused on a short-term monitoring solution for a more effective asset management tool used by bridge owners when inspecting critical onsite locations.
JoAnn Browning (PhD '98), Dean of the College of Engineering and the David and Jennifer Spencer Distinguished Chair for the Dean of Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), has been selected as a one of four Purdue University Distinguished Women Scholars for 2015-2016.