Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering

Past Graduate Students

  • M. Ramadas (Ph.D.- 2015) Identification of drought triggers in hydrologic and agricultural droughts.
  • R. Ojha (Ph.D.- 2014) Upscaling water movement and contaminant transport in heterogeneous unsaturated soils.
  • Y. Hoque (Ph.D.- 2014) Reliability, resilience and vulnerability as measures of ecological risk in watersheds.
  • X. Huang (M.S. Report- 2012) Role of topography and runon on infiltration and hydrograph generation for small watersheds.
  • G. Mallya (M.S. - 2011) Hidden Markov model-based probabilistic assessment of droughts.
  • E. Burke (M.S. - 2010) Experimental Studies on Porous Pavers.
  • S. Tripathi (Ph.D. - 2009) Statistical Learning Theories for Hydrologic Applications.
  • E. Essig (M.S. - 2008) Modeling infiltration and deep flow on sloping surfaces.
  • M. Burke (M.S. - 2008) Green design for stormwater applications.
  • S.-C. Kao (Ph.D. - 2008) Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Indiana Hydrologic Data.
  • B. Walker (M.S. - 2007) Curve Number Based Modeling of the Interaction between Surface Water and Land Use Change in a Midwestern Watershed.
  • T. Konopka (M.S. - 2007) Environmental Perfomance Evaluation of a Wetland Complex.
  • D. Deb (30%) (Ph.D. - 2007) Fate and Transport of Livestock Antibiotics in Watersheds.
  • Rebeka Sultana (M.S. - 2006) Hydrologic performance evaluation of a wetland complex.
  • T.P Chan (Ph.D. - 2005) Modeling of coarse textured soils and their hydraulic properties.
  • Mazdak Arabi (Ph.D. - 2005) A Modeling framework for evaluation of watershed management practices for sediment and nutrient control.
  • Nazmun Nahar (Ph.D. - 2003) Influence of the runon process on water and solute movement over heterogeneous hillslopes.
  • Rishi Parashar (M.S. - 2003) Moment analysis for some solute transport models in porous media.
  • Latif Kalin (Ph.D. - 2002) Sediment source area identification over watersheds: influence of spatial scale and sediment travel times.
  • Jennifer S. Schmidt (M.S. - 2002) A model for transient flow to a subsurface tile drain.
  • James Hunter (M.S. (Report) - 2002) Application of ArcView GIS and NAPRA predictive model in the environmental risk assessment of animal antibiotics.
  • B. Zhang (Ph.D. - 2000) Geomorphological artifical neural networks for predicting watershed response to precipitation events.
  • C. Thomas ((M.S. (Report) - 2000)) Investigation into the drainage system capacity and performance potential for the Ross-Ade drainage catchment.
  • T.-P. Chan (M.S. - 1999) Interval computing applications in quantifying field scale experiments.
  • K.V. Nedunuri (Ph.D. - 1999) Modeling of heavy metal movement in rhizosphere soils.
  • N. Nahar (M.S. - 1999) Influence of first order degradation on spatial moment analysis of the convection-dispersion equation with kinetic sorption.
  • L. Kalin ((M.S. (Report) - 1998)), Investigating the influence of spatial resolution on the watershed hydrograph.
  • S. Ramireddygari, (co-advised) , (Ph.D. - 1998) A comprehensive, integrated computer model for basin-wide water resources management.
  • V. Davis ((M.S. (Report) - 1997)) The application of geographic information systems to hydrologic studies and models.
  • J. Lin (M.S. - 1996) Hydraulic conductivity of soils with preferential flow paths.
  • P.K. Allepalli (M.S. - 1996) Modeling fate and transport of atrazine in the saturated-unsatured zone of soil.
  • J. Anmala (M.S. - 1996) Prediction of watershed response to precipitation using a physically-based model and artificial neural networks (ANNs).
  • S. Nedunuri (M.S. - 1995) Role of estimation methods in characterizing spatial variability of solute transport parameters.
  • S.K. Bhargarva (M.S. - 1994) Pore evolution during colloidal clay particle removal under hydraulic gradients.
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