C W Lovell Distinguished Lecture


C W Lovell Distinguished Lecture

10th C W Lovell Distinguished Lecture - Panel Discussion


October 20, 2011

  "Engineering Alternative Energy Solutions"


Members of the Panel and Their Presentation:


  • Dr. Douglas Adams, Purdue University, Kenninger Professor of Renewable Energy & Power Systems, "Wind as a Renewable Source of Energy: Benefits, Barriers, and Breakthroughs"

  • Prof. William J. Hutzel, Purdue University, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, "Net Zero Energy Housing: Purdue's INhome"
  • Prof. Heinz Brandl, Vienna University of Technology, "Gaining and Using Geothermal Energy
  • Prof. Rodrigo Salgado (Moderator), Purdue University


    Format: presentation of about 10-15 minutes by each member of the panel, followed by questions and comments from the audience and further comments by panel members.


    Location: LWSN 1142

    Time: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

    Purdue Geotechnical Engineering