Geotechnical Engineering

Civil Engineering's Geotechnical emphasis area has awarded approximately 340 Master's and 110 Ph.D. degrees to students from all over the world. Graduates form a loyal alumni network in both academia and private practice. Seven geotechnical faculty members are currently active in research and/or teaching at Purdue. Historically, the department has continuously maintained a balance between theoretical, experimental, and practical approaches to solving geotechnical problems and this tradition remains true today.

The Geotechnical emphasis area at Purdue is relatively unstructured and provides freedom for students and their graduate committees to develop a plan of study that will meet individual goals. A broad range of courses are available in the areas of geotechnical engineering as well as other areas of civil engineering. Additionally, it is common for students to take courses in geology, mathematics, chemistry, agronomy or other engineering disciplines.

In 2003, the geotechnical engineering area formed the Purdue Geotechnical Society (PGS). Information regarding the PGS can be found at Purdue Geotechnical Society.



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