Professor of Civil Engineering

Research Group

Members of the Blatchley Group (Fall 2013)

PhD Students

  • Yousra Ahmed, "CFD-I Modeling of UV Disinfection Reactors with Stochastic Evaluation of System Variables", (pdf)
  • Caitlin Grady, "National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow Ecological Sciences and Engineering Program", (pdf)

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

  • Shih-Chi Weng
    • "UV Induced Effects on Volatile Disinfection Byproduct Formation in Chlorinated Water", (pdf)
    • "The Dynamics of Volatile Disinfection Byproducts in Indoor Chlorinated Swimming Pools Heavy Use Conditions", (pdf)
    • "The UV Induced Effects on Toxicity", (pdf)

Recent Graduates

  • Zorana Naunovic, "Modeling and Design of an Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System for Long-term Space Missions", (pdf)
  • Kelly Pennell (PhD Received November 2005), "UV and Iodine as Complementary Disinfectants for Water Reuse in long-term Space Missions", (pdf)
  • Chengyue Shen, "Applications of Actinometry for Monitoring and Validation of UV Reactors", (pdf)
  • Isaac Wait (PhD Received August 2005), "Fouling of Quartz Surfaces in UV Disinfection Systems", (pdf)
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