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Civil Engineering Thesis Format Requirements

Only the Area Thesis Format Advisor can sign for the Format Approval on the Form 9. The Area Thesis Format Advisor is the Area Secretary.

The final draft of the thesis must be to the format advisor at least two business days prior to the date of your exit interview with the CE Grad Chair. Please keep in mind that if you are late getting your document to the format advisor - you may not get it back in time for your deposit and you may not graduate.

Students should follow the Graduate School format guidelines – various links are available at:

Specific topics to be aware of:

  • Be consistent with formatting throughout the document
  • Double check pagination (some pages are numbered with Roman numerals, some with Arabic, some are not numbered)
    • Page numbers should be placed in the upper right hand corner of the page
    • The page number should be ½ inch below the top edge of the page
    • The last digit of the page number should be even with the right margin (1”)
  • Margin requirements are:
    • Left: 1.5"
    • Right: 1"
    • Bottom: 1.25"
    • Top: 1" (on a regular page)
    • Top: 2" (on a major heading/chapter heading page)
  • Make sure that titles on the Table of Contents do not run into the page number column (we suggest at least half an inch between the words and the page number)
  • Avoid widows and orphans