Master's Final Examination

Non-thesis Master’s Final Exam

The Master’s Advisory Committee certifies to the Graduate School that the student has passed the required examinations of the Lyles School of Civil Engineering. The committee has discretion on the exam formats that range from a committee conference to a comprehensive written and oral examination.  Electronic exam paperwork will be initiated by the CE Graduate Office and given to the advisor before the exam date.

Thesis Master’s Final Exam

Students selecting the thesis option must prepare an acceptable thesis in residence. Research in absentia is not permitted for the master's degree. In general, the thesis is based on work done in the primary area of study. The work consists of assigned research, which shall be recorded with no grades given except "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory".

  1. A minimum of nine hours of CE 69800 must be satisfactorily completed before an examination is held.
  2. The thesis must be prepared according to the Graduate School Thesis Office requirements.
  3. Each member of the examining committee must receive a copy of the thesis at least three weeks before the date of the final oral examination.
  4. The final examination committee for the master’s candidate shall consist of a minimum of three members. The request for the final examination (Form 8) including the time and place must be made online via the myPurdue Academic Tab at least three weeks before the requested exam date. Exam materials will then be prepared by the CE Graduate Office and given to the advisor before the exam date. Submit a pdf copy of abstract to
  5. The student should initiate a Form 9 online once a final thesis title has been decided.
  6. The final examination must be taken and passed and the report submitted online before the end of the session in which the degree is expected. If the corrections cannot be completed before the end of the session, the degree will be awarded the following semester and the student can register for "degree only."
  7. The Lyles School of Civil Engineering requires that master’s defense exam rubrics be completed by each committee member and submitted to the CE Graduate Office following the exam.  Exam paperwork will not be approved by the CE Graduate Chair unless all rubrics have been received.
  8. Only the Area Format Check Advisor can approve the format check. Final draft must be to format check advisor at least three business days before exit interview with CE Grad Chair.
  9. All students are required to schedule an exit interview with the CE Graduate Committee Chair.
  10. All students are required to submit a copy of their thesis 24 hours before their exit interview meeting with Chair of the Graduate Committee.
  11. The student must submit an electronic copy of his/her thesis to the Graduate School by the appropriate semester deadline. No more that two semesters can pass between the semester the defense is held and the deposit semester.