Engineering Professional Education

Continuing education opportunities are available to practicing engineers through the Engineering Professional Education program. These include graduate and professional development courses, on-campus and off-campus programs, masterís degree programs, and satellite teleconferences encompassing engineering and engineering-management disciplines.

Civil Engineering is offering an on-line professional education development class, Designing Vertical Forming Systems. You will study and gain resources on deisgn philosophy, codes and standards, construction equipment loads, formwork design, slip forming, shoring/reshoring, scaffolding, and bridge construciton.

CE530 course titled Properties, Production and Performance of Concrete is aimed for professional engineers and others interested in structures, transportation, and construction. Students will gain a background on how raw materials are combined and processed to make cement and concrete. Details are provided on how concrete is processed, placed, and finished to achieve high quality concrete. Students will also be exposed to chemical and physical processes in concrete and relate chemical reactions to the performance of concrete including: strength, long-term durability, shrinkage, and creep. In addition, aspects of modern concrete will be discussed including supplementary cements, chemical admixtures, lightweight aggregates and fiber reinforced concretes.