Hydraulic and Hydrologic Engineering News & Events

New Burke Lab offers advanced water-engineering features
Posted: October 14, 2010
The School of Civil Engineering has dedicated a new civil engineering laboratory housing advanced hydrology and hydraulics facilities for teaching and research related to water resources.
H2O Lab
Robot submarine patrols Lake Michigan for climate-change study
Posted: June 16, 2010
Prof. Cary Troy and a team of researchers are using a robotic submarine and other specialized tools in Lake Michigan to gather biological and environmental data showing how young fish vital to the ecosystem may cope with future climate change.
Robot submarine patrols Lake Michigan for climate-change study
Ph.D. Student wins Best Challenge Paper Award
Posted: July 8, 2009
Congratulations to Shivam Tripathi, recognized with a Best Challenge Paper Award at the Third International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data.
CE Grad Student wins top honor at 2008 AGU Fall Meeting
Posted: March 10, 2009
Sanjiv Kumar won the Outstanding Student Paper Award in the hydrology section at the 2008 American Geophysical Union's fall meeting.
The Yellow Submarine
Posted: January 23, 2009
Prof. Cary Troy's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) took its maiden launch Oct. 2nd at Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, Indiana.
CE Grad Student wins top honor at TeraGrid '08 Conference
Posted: August 15, 2008
Sanjiv Kumar, a PhD Student working with Prof. Venkatesh Merwade in the Hydraulics & Hydrology area, won first prize in the Graduate Student Research Competition at TeraGrid '08.
Professor emeritus receives Ray K. Linsley Award
Posted: March 23, 2007
Professor Emeritus Jack Delleur is the recipient of the 2007 Ray K. Linsley Award. This award was established in 1986 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in surface water hydrology.
Understanding what lies beneath surface waters can provide a healthier environment
Posted: February 7, 2007
Assistant Professor Cary Troy's research on internal waves offers a better understanding of the mixing caused by underwater waves which will help to aid in predicting the vertical movement of nutrients, pollutants, and biota within the water. This study of internal waves can affect the quality of drinking water taken from large lakes such as Lake Michigan.
Ending Water Shortages
Posted: February 7, 2007
More than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and Dr. Venkatesh Merwade's research, which includes the study of hydrologic information systems, flow and stage network optimization, assessment of groundwater and surface water interactions on the quantity and quality of water and in-stream flow studies, will aid countries world wide with the shortage of adequate water supply.
Professor R. S. Govindaraju named Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor
Posted: October 2, 2006
The Purdue University board of trustees approved the appointment of Professor R.S. Govindaraju as the Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering effective September 29, 2006. Govindaraju specializes in the hydraulics and hydrology area.

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