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Ending Water Shortages
Posted: February 7, 2007
More than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and Dr. Venkatesh Merwade's research, which includes the study of hydrologic information systems, flow and stage network optimization, assessment of groundwater and surface water interactions on the quantity and quality of water and in-stream flow studies, will aid countries world wide with the shortage of adequate water supply.
Understanding what lies beneath surface waters can provide a healthier environment
Posted: February 7, 2007
Assistant Professor Cary Troy's research on internal waves offers a better understanding of the mixing caused by underwater waves which will help to aid in predicting the vertical movement of nutrients, pollutants, and biota within the water. This study of internal waves can affect the quality of drinking water taken from large lakes such as Lake Michigan.
Invisible Vulnerabilities
Posted: February 6, 2007
From failed infrastructures during a disaster to chemical threats to various environments, civil engineers are seeking ways to defend against imperceptible threats to healthcare.
Student designs modules to show civil engineering in action
Posted: February 6, 2007
Undergraduate student Matt Wilson responded to a call to create learning modules for “Engineering 103” class. Working under the direction of Associate Professor Jason Weiss, Wilson has designed a module which allows students to perform a forensic-type investigation of a real-life viaduct collapse, a hands on LEGO module, and a "Smog Eating” module.
Impact expands upon how engineering intersects with healthcare
Posted: February 6, 2007
How does engineering intersect with healthcare? That's the theme of Engineering Impact's Winter 2006-07 issue. From implantable devices to pandemic planning to pharmaceuticals, Purdue engineers are at the forefront of biomedical accomplishment.
February 2007 Newsletter
Posted: February 6, 2007
The CE February on-line newsletter includes announcements of: undergraduate and graduate student awards, alumni who continue to excel in the engineering profession, CEM Head announcement, faculty awards, and much more.
Professor receives Bryant Mather Award
Posted: February 5, 2007
The Transportation Research Board of the National Academies awarded Chuanxin Fang, Ph.D. 2003, and Assistant Professor Samuel Labi the Concrete Materials Section Bryant Mather Award for their research paper titled "Evaluating the Static Segregation Resistance of Hardened Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Image Processing Technology."
Graduate student and professors receive best paper award from TRB
Posted: February 2, 2007
Ph.D. candidate Anuj Sharma and Professors Darcy Bullock and Srinivas Peeta received the 2007 Best Paper Award for their paper "Recasting Dilemma Zone Design as a Marginal Cost and Benefit Problem" conferred by the TRB Traffic Signal Systems Committee.
Graduate student receives Remote Sensing Award
Posted: January 22, 2007
Jen-Yu Han, Geomatics Engineering Ph.D. student, has received the 2006/2007 Stevan J. Kristof Outstanding Graduate Student in Remote Sensing Award.
Dr. Melba Crawford and Dr. Jen-Yu Han
Professor elected to serve on national committees
Posted: January 22, 2007
Professor Julio A. Ramirez has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of NEES, Inc. and also has been named chair of the National Technical Committee on Concrete and Masonry Structures of the ASCE/SEI.

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