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November 22, 2019

Bowen Laboratory awarded Charles S. Whitney Medal

The Bowen Laboratory has been selected to receive the Charles S. Whitney Medal by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). This honor was bestowed by the ACI Board of Direction specifically "In recognition for its large-scale civil engineering research in systems, materials and technologies, and for its long time and consistent contribution to the economy and safety of buildings and infrastructure."
November 22, 2019

Robert Frosch honored as ASCE Fellow

Robert J. Frosch, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, a professor of civil engineering and senior associate dean of Facilities & Operations in the College of Engineering at Purdue University, has been named a Fellow by the ASCE Board of Direction.
November 22, 2019

New safety recommendations for culvert repair released

Communities across the U.S. rely on drainage culverts to keep roadways safe. While these buried structures cross streams and divert water from roadways, many are in need of repair. Unexpected culvert failures can disrupt traffic, damage the environment and nearby property, and can even be fatal. Two popular methods used to repair damaged culverts are called spray-on lining and cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining. Both practices involve the outdoor manufacture of a new plastic liner – at the existing culvert. Because both practices bring raw chemicals onsite, environmental contamination, fish kills, and downstream drinking water contamination has occurred. Potentially hazardous conditions can be also created near the worksite during the plastic manufacture repair process, the research shows.
November 20, 2019

Drones, lasers to help unravel the mysteries of a Mediterranean island

This past summer, a group from Purdue's Lyles School of Civil Engineering joined researchers on Dana Island – located off the southern coast of Turkey – to use drones and LiDAR, light detection and ranging, mapping systems to better understand the island's history.
November 15, 2019

Tackling indoor air pollution: the story of Nandi improved kitchen designs

Many Nandi homes, like other traditional Kenyan communities, cook using biomass fuels like wood and agricultural wastes in inadequately ventilated kitchens. The women and children who spend more time in these kitchens suffer the most from the effects of indoor air pollution, which is linked to many respiratory illnesses and deaths. The Nandi-improved kitchens were designed jointly with women from Nandi and with the help of the Purdue University Global Air Quality Trekkers (GAQT) engineering team led by Professor Brandon Boor and Ph.D student Danielle Wagner.
November 15, 2019

Nearly 100 years after its founding, ITB names first female rector

The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in West Java has officially appointed its first female rector since the first-tier state university was founded almost a century ago. Civil engineering professor N.R. Reini D. Wirahadikusumah (MSCE '96, PhD '99) was named rector after she won the most votes from the university's board of trustees.
November 7, 2019

Mark Perniconi, Carlos Hernandez Elected to National Academy of Construction

The National Academy of Construction has elected Mark J. Perniconi (BSCE 1974, MSCE 1976), retired executive director of the Charles Pankow Foundation, and Carlos M. Hernandez (BSCE 1976), CEO of Fluor Corporation, as members of its class of 2019. They were inducted October 24 at the NAC annual meeting in Nashville, TN. The new class includes 39 inductees. Perniconi and Hernandez were selected from more than 300 leaders who were considered for Academy membership.
October 30, 2019

Crash reconstruction: Another way drones are helping first responders

Crash reconstruction is not the kind of mapping mission you'd usually associate with drone technology. It's also not the type of application that first comes to mind when you think of applications harnessed by first responders. But, thanks to research being conducted by CE Professors Darcy Bullock and Ayman Habib, this is a field in which drones are already making a tangible difference.
October 23, 2019

Leonard E. Wood Lecture Series

The next Leonard E. Wood Lecture will be held Tuesday, October 29th. Dr. Rebecca McDaniel, Technical Director of the North Central Superpave Center at Purdue University, will share lessons about life and a career in civil engineering that she learned from her mentor, Professor Leonard Wood.
October 21, 2019

Hiring Assistant/Associate Professor - Division of Construction Engineering and Management

The Division of Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) at Purdue University invites applications for a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor. A joint appointment within CEM and Civil Engineering is expected, but a joint appointment with other Schools within the Purdue College of Engineering will also be considered.
October 18, 2019

Rao "G.S." Govindaraju named ASCE Distinguished Member

Rao "G.S." Govindaraju, Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering and Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering, has been named a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Only 220 of ASCE's more than 150,000 current members can call themselves Distinguished Members.
October 16, 2019

Lovell Lecture Series

The 17th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture will be held on Friday, November 1st and will feature Professor Cino Viggiani with his talk entitled, "3D experimental geomechanics at the grain scale: what for?"
October 4, 2019

How much are you polluting your office air just by existing?

Just by breathing or wearing deodorant, you have more influence over your office space than you might think, a growing body of evidence shows. But could these basic acts of existence also be polluting the air in the office room where you work? To find out, a team of engineers led by Assistant Professor Brandon Boor has been conducting one of the largest studies of its kind in the office spaces of a building rigged with thousands of sensors. The goal is to identify all types of indoor air contaminants and recommend ways to control them through how a building is designed and operated.
September 30, 2019

Purdue takes online engineering education to next level

The Schools of Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering are planning to offer affordable online Master’s programs through edX with support from Kaplan Higher Education. This is the first comprehensive engineering post-graduate curricula provided online at less than $25K for master’s degrees. Purdue is ranked among the top ten engineering programs and top five online engineering graduate programs in the U.S.
September 26, 2019

Hemant Gehlot named Best Student Paper Award Finalist at NecSys 2019

PhD student Hemant Gehlot (advised by Dr. Satish V. Ukkusuri and Dr. Shreyas Sundaram) has been awarded an honorable mention as one of the three finalists for the Best Student Paper Award at the IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems (NecSys) 2019 for the paper entitled, "Approximation algorithms for the recovery of infrastructure after disasters under precedence constraints."
September 25, 2019

CE students place first, second in Global Engineering Photo and Video Contest

Congratulations to CE junior Amanda Lefebvre! The photo of her surveying Colquechata, Bolivia took 1st in the Purdue Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships Photo and Video Contest. Amanda is part of the Purdue EPICS Engineers Without Borders program that is working to design a water distribution system for the community. Additionally, students in the Purdue EPICS Global Air Quality Trekkers (GAQT) Nandi Clean Kitchen Study, led by Purdue CE Assistant Professor Brandon Boor took 1st and 2nd place in separate categories.
September 24, 2019

New Ideas and Innovation Tournament Challenge asks students for novel solutions to unsolved societal problems

A new competition sponsored by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering asks Purdue students to propose novel solutions to important unsolved societal problems. Prof. Babak Ziaie says the Ideas and Innovation Tournament Challenge (I2TC) is open to all Purdue students and simulates the experience of being an engineer entrepreneur. In the first phase of the tournament, students form teams consisting of at least one ECE undergraduate student. The teams then choose a topic for the challenge (i.e., aging, food safety, smart cities, energy efficiency, etc.) and develop a proposed solution.
September 16, 2019

Park, Montoya Rodriguez named 2019 Purdue Systems Fellows

PhD students Herta Paola Montoya Rodriguez and Samuel Park have been selected by the Purdue Systems Collaboratory for the Systems Fellow Program. The assistantship is meant to support outstanding graduate students who conduct research addressing a systems problem or advancing systems science.
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