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Computing Laboratories

Olson Senior Design Lab

(CIVL 3154)

The Olson Senior Design Lab is equipped with high end computing in support of the senior design projects. The lab consists of 17 Dell OptiPlex 755 PCs (Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz). The lab is also supported by an HP LaserJet 8150DN printer.

In support of the Senior Design projects and other Civil Engineering coursework, the facilities supports an HP DesignJet 800PS large format plotter. Scanning facilities include an HP 6100Cse color scanner and a Nikon CoolScan IV 35mm slide and film scanner. A video encoding station is also available and includes a VCR and Firewire/I.Link/1394 port for capturing video, Pinnacle Studio Deluxe for editing video and a DVD+R/RW drive for creating DVDs. The lab is also equipped with a television and VCR for showing videos.

Funding for the laboratory has been provided by a major gift from Edgar B. and Hedwig M. Olson as part of the Kresge Foundation Science Initiative. Lab hours.

Lyles CIVL1212 Computing Lab

(CIVL 1212)

General purpose computing lab for CE students and research development. The lab consists of 49 Dell OptiPlex 790 PCs (Core i7, 3.4Ghz). The lab is also equipped with an HP LaserJet 9050DN printer.

Funding for the laboratory has been enhanced by a generous endowment from Mrs. Elizabeth Venemann Lyles, co-founder of W.M. Lyles Company, Fresno, California, in memory of her husband W.M. Lyles (CE '35).

ITaP Instructional Lab

(CIVL 3144)

General purpose PC computing labs for both graduate and undergraduate studies. The facilities include 45 PC compatible machines and two laser printers. The computing equipment supports general word processing, spreadsheet, and CAD software used in Civil Engineering coursework. Course related packages are also available for specific class assignments.

For information about lab schedules, printer queues, lab staff and, coming lab attractions, visit the Civil Engineering Computer Support Home Page.