Architectural Engineering Facilities

The Architectural Engineering research facilities include 4 full-scale experimental laboratories located at the Bowen Lab as well as the new Center for High Performance Buildings at Herrick Labs. All facilities are used for research and education in high performance and energy efficient building design and operation and indoor environmental quality.

Façade Engineering Labs (contact: Prof. A. Tzempelikos)

The Façade Engineering laboratories include two full-scale office spaces (20 ft x 20 ft x 14 ft high) placed side-by-side. The spaces are equipped with reconfigurable elements (curtain wall, glazing systems, lighting, ceiling, etc) so that different products, technologies and developed controls could be easily tested and studied. Smart controls are used to operate movable components (e.g. shading attachments) and flexible lighting and air-conditioning systems. Side-by-side comparison allows performance evaluation of façade technologies (and their impact on indoor environmental quality) under the same climatic conditions and development of new control algorithms.

The test spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for measuring the thermal and visual performance of different technologies. Equipment includes solar, daylight and temperature sensors, air velocity meters, thermal comfort meters, infrared and CCD cameras, data acquisition systems, power and heat flow meters, lighting fixtures and controls, controlled shading attachments, and computing facilities. These facilities can house up to 10 graduate students.



The Center for High Performance Buildings at Purdue (Herrick Labs), planned for 2013, has four identical large open-plan office spaces which will function as "Living Labs". These spaces will house up to 100 graduate students and are equipped with dynamic double-skin facades with operable elements for natural/hybrid ventilation, solar protection devices, hydronic and forced air systems and reconfigurable lighting and HVAC control systems.