C-BRIC Students at Penn State Earn Funding from Nittany AI Challenge

Congratulations to C-BRIC students Eric Homan, Zeinab Hakimi, and Nelson Trocoso along with their collaborators! Homan, Zeinab, Trocoso and their fellow student researchers, Chonghan Lee, Codey Mathis, and Viet Pham, were selected as the phase three winners of the Pennsylvania State Nittany AI Challenge. The team of researchers earned the award for their work on InsectEye. InsectEye is "an AI-based, nonlethal insect trap and identification system to assist entomologists in understanding insect biodiversity." The group was awarded $15,000 for their work on InsectEye, which can be observed in the Penn State Pollinator Garden. 
Eric Homan, Zeinab Hakimi, and Nelson Trocoso are PhD students advised by Professor Vijay Narayanan in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Penn State University. Homan's area of research is in object recognition for autonomous systems and information constrained edge perception. Hakimi works on distributed inference in multi camera systems. Trocoso's work is in the area of artificial intelligence.