C-BRIC Researchers at Arizona State Present at ESWEEK

C-BRIC researchers Gokul Krishnan, Wang Zhenyu, Injune Yeo, Li Yang, Jian Meng, Deliang Fan, Jae-sun Seo, and Yu (Kevin) Cao of Arizona State University presented a paper at Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK). The ASU team and their collaborators Maximilian Liehr and Nathaniel C. Cady (SUNY POLY) and Rajiv V. Joshi (IBM) presented "Hybrid RRAM/SRAM In-Memory Computing for Robust DNN Acceleration." The paper focuses on the recovery of accuracy while using in-memory computing (IMC). Their work proposed a novel hybrid IMC architecture that integrates an RRAM-based IMC macro with a digital SRAM macro using a programmable shifter to compensate for the RRAM variations. They also developed a framework for training DNNs to support the hybrid IMC architecture through ensemble learning. The proposed framework performs quantization (weights and activations), pruning, and RRAM IMC-aware training and employs ensemble learning through different compensation scales by utilizing the programmable shifter. Finally, they designed a silicon prototype of the proposed hybrid IMC architecture in the 65nm SUNY process to demonstrate its efficacy.
ESWEEK brings CASES, CODES+ISSS, and EMSOFT to create the "premier event covering all aspects of hardware and software design for intelligent and connected computing systems." ESWEEK was held October 7-14, 2002, in a hybrid in-person and virtual venue.