C-BRIC Purdue Researchers Win ICONS Best Paper Award

Congratulations to C-BRIC researchers Maryam Parsa (2020 C-BRIC graduate), Nitin Rathi, and Kaushik Roy of Purdue University.
Parsa, Rathi, Roy, and collaborators won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Neuromorphic Systems (ICONS). The conference took place virtually July 27-29, 2021. ICONS aims to “bring together leading researchers in neuromorphic computing to present new research, develop new collaborations, and provide a forum to publish work in this area [with a focus on] architectures, models, and applications of neuromorphic systems.”
C-BRIC researchers, along with Catherine Schuman, Amirkoushyar Ziabari, Derek Rose, J. Parker Mitchell, J. Travis Johnston, Bill Kay, and Steven Young of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, earned the award for their work on “Accurate and Accelerated Neuromorphic Network Design Leveraging A Bayesian Hyperparameter Pareto Optimization Approach.”  In this work, they developed a versatile multiobjective hyperparameter optimization technique to improve spiking neural network’s computational efficiency, accuracy, and training time. Their approach results in more accurate networks with lower latency and, in turn, higher energy efficiency.