Cao, Seo and Collaborators Receive DATE Best IP Award

Congratulations to Yu (Kevin) Cao, Jian Meng, and Jae-sun Seo! 
Professors Yu (Kevin) Cao and Jae-Sun Seo along with PhD student, Jian Meng,  were awarded the DATE Best Interactive Presentation (IP) Award at the 2022 Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE). C-BRIC researchers Cao, Seo, and Meng, along with Fan Zhang, Li Yang, and Deliang Fan, fellow researchers at Arizona State University, received this honor for their “XST: A Crossbar Column-wise Sparse Training for Efficient Continual Learning” paper. The group was one of 8 papers nominated for the Best IP honor.
The work described in the paper proposed XST, a novel crossbar column-wise sparse training framework for continual learning. XST significantly reduces the training cost and saves inference energy. More importantly, it is friendly to existing crossbar-based convolution engine with almost no hardware overhead. 
Kevin Cao is a Professor in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. He earned his BS at Peking University and his MS and PhD at the University of California, Berkeley. Cao is an IEEE fellow and was a recipient of the 2021 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award and the 2006 NSF CAREER Award. He earned the 2012 Best Paper Award at ISVLSI, the 2007 Best Paper Award at ISLPED, and the 2004 Best Paper Award at ISQED. His research expertise is in compact modeling for nanoscale CMOS and post-silicon technologies, physical-level design and tools for variability and reliability, reliable integration of emerging technologies, and low-power design solutions, high-speed interconnect and signaling techniques.
Jae-sun Seo is an Associate Professor in Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. He earned his BS degree from Seoul National University and the MS and PhD. degree from the University of Michigan. Dr. Seo is a recipient of IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (2012), NSF CAREER Award (2017), and Intel Outstanding Researcher Award (2021). He has served on the technical program committees for ISSCC, MLSys, DAC, DATE, ICCAD, etc. and is an Associate Editor for IEEE OJ-SSCS. His research interests include efficient hardware design of machine learning and neuromorphic algorithms.
Jian Meng received the BS degree from Portland State University in 2019. He is currently pursuing the Electrical Engineering PhD degree at Arizona State University advised by Jae-sun Seo. His research focuses on the neural network optimization and hardware–software co-design.
The Best IP Award was awarded to the group for the paper’s technical quality as well as the group’s poster and participation in the Q/A session of their presentation. DATE awards were announced virtually on March 23. The awards ceremony held during the conference closing session is available to watch at