Aayush Ankit's internship with Samsung Electronics

Aayush Ankit interned with Samsung Electronics in San Jose, California in the summer of 2019. Samsung is a C-BRIC industry partner headquartered in South Korea with a Device Solutions campus in Silicon Valley.

Aayush is currently pursuing his PhD at Purdue University under the direction of Professor Kaushik Roy. His primary research interests lie in hardware and software design for machine learning.

During his internship position with Samsung, Aayush focused on GPU architecture. He really enjoyed the opportunity to work with industry-standard simulation infrastructure. This industry experience gave Aayush a better idea of how iterative design is important to progress, and how increasing the level-of-details incrementally at every iteration stage of modeling is beneficial. He also enjoyed his trip to California’s Great America with his GPU team and intern events at Dave and Buster’s and Boomers restaurants. Overall, the intern experience at Samsung provided Aayush with invaluable networking opportunities with people from different teams within Samsung.