1. 'Crack'-Driven Transfer Printing Processes

In this research, we are exploring a new class of transfer printing methods by exploiting controlled 'crack', which allows the physical separation of thin film electronics from their native fabrication wafers over large area. The serrated thin film electronics can be then printed onto various kinds of receiver substrates, including papers, textiles, rubbers, and/or many bio-related substrates, enabling the applications in many types of wearable biomedical devices and systems at multiscale.

2. Advanced Biomedical Healthcare Systems

In this research, we are developing novel materials, mechanics design and products for broad range of flexible/stretchable sensor patches that can be operated in a wirelessly controlled manner. We pursue not only basic scientific studies of the systems that adopt flexible/stretchable designs, but also technical efforts to create multi-functional devices that can integrate with the human body. The results provide advanced digital systems that can provide valuable capabilities for wearable healthcare systems, human-robot interactions, and prosthetics controls.

3. Bio/Nano-Integrated Systems

In this research, we are investigating functional nanomaterials as a building block of  the vertically ordered nanodevices for the envisioned application of intracellular/intratissue recording and stimulating. The nanomaterials offer mechanical flexibility and electronic performance at the length scale of biological cells and tissues at their length scale, allowing the  minimally invasive measurement of intracellular properties such as temperature, pressure, strain, pH, and electrophysiological signals. Our focus on this work spans on creation of mechanically flexible, stretchable Si nanodevices and their integration with biomaterials for comprehensive investigations at the unique Bio-Nano interface.

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