Classes Taught (* courses developed are asterisked)

          Graduate Courses:
                    Computational cell biology* (3cr)
                    Control of cellular processes* (3cr)
                    Problems in measurement of physiological events (4cr)
                    Graduate critical literature assessment (CLAs) courses
                                        Modeling and analysis of cell differentiation* (1 cr)
                                        Quantitative insights into cancer* (1 cr)
          Undergraduate Courses:
                    Bioinstrumentation* (2 cr)
                    BME Senior design* (4 cr)
                    Nonlinear dynamics of biological systems (3cr)
                    Signals and systems (3 cr)
                    Senior design in Electrical and Computer Engineering (4 cr)
                    Feedback control (3 cr)

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Rundell's educational philosophy embraces mastery-oriented learning strategies that utilize challenges as learning opportunities and recognizes the fact that all students are capable of learning when provided with the right environment and encouragement. Prof. Rundell employs individual and small group student mentoring sessions to supplement the traditional lecture periods. These sessions are designed to provide encouraging, constructive feedback on the student's problem-solving process and to identify and address any potential learning barriers. Prof. Rundell believes that the learning of complex concepts can be significantly enhanced and promoted through hands-on laboratory experiences. Furthermore to help motivate and engage students, Prof. Rundell integrates the current literature into her lectures and course projects.