Awards received by members of Cheng group

37. Nov 2014 Hyeon Jeong Lee received a PULSe travel award.

36. August 2014 Ka-CHih Huang joined our lab wit a Ross fellowship

35. March 2014 Ji-Xin Cheng was selected to e the Fellow of AIMBE.

34. August 2013 Evan Philipps joins us with a Ross fellowship.

33. 5.23.2013 Shuhua Yue is awarded by the Miles Graduate Scholarship from Purdue University Center for Cancer Research!

32. 5.15.2013    Delong Zhang is awarded with a Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship!

31. 5.15.2013  Delong Zhang received the Eastman Summer Fellowship from the Eastman Chemical Company!

30. 3.01.2013 Pu Wang and Rui Li; each received a travel award from the Weldon School!

29. 2.27.2013 Junjie Li received a one-year CPIP fellowship for cancer prevention research!

28. 2012 Oct, Junjie received a travel award from the PULSe program.

27. 2012-March-23, Jackie Tyler is awarded with a Chappelle Fellowship (2012 ~2013)

26. 2012-March-22, Ji-Xin Cheng is selected by College of Engineering to be a Purdue University Faculty Scholar (2012 ~ 2017)

25. Steve Lee (Aug 2011): 1st poster prize in the Controlled Release Society (CRS) Illinois Student Chapter Symposium.

24. Pu Wang (June 2011): 2-year Predocotoral Fellowship from American Heart Association

23. Junjie Li (April 2011): PULSe outstanding first-year poster award.

22. Ji-Xin Cheng and Kinam Park (March 2011): Lafayette Lions Club Award for Outstanding Cancer Research at Purdue.  

21. Ji-Xin Cheng (Feb 2011): College of Engineering Early Career Research Excellence Award.

20. Han-Wei Wang (Feb 2011): Honorable Mention in Engineering Sciences in 2011 Sigma Xi Graduate Student Poster Competition.  

19. Shuhua Yue (2010-2013): three-year fellowship from Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Research Program of the Office of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP).

18. Shuhua Yue: First prize at the BCDG poster presentation at Purdue University (2010).

17. Yunzhou Shi: First place award in the 2010 Sigma Xi graduate student poster competition (2010).

16. Ling Tong: Amy Mellon Award as a top  student in the analytical chemistry division (2010).

15. Yunzhou Shi: Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship from Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering (2009).  

14: Ling Long: Poster award in 7th International Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium, Indianapolis (2009).

13. Han-Wei Wang: Two-year Predoctoral fellowship from American Heart Association (2010-2011).

12. Shuhua Yue: Poster award in Breast Cancer Work Shop (2009) .
11. Hongtao Chen: Schering-Plough Award (2009) .
10. Shuhua Yue: Graduate fellowship from the Cancer Prevention Internship Program (2009-2010) .
8. Ling Tong: Bilesland Dissertation year Scholarship (2009-2010).
7. Ling Tong: Two-year Predoctoral fellowship from American Heart Association (2008-2009).
6. Thuc Le: Postdoctoral Ruth L. Kirschtein National Research Service Award from NIH (2007-2010).
5. Hongtao Chen: Jonathon and Ruthanna Amy Travel Award from Department of Chemistry (2008). 
4.  Han-Wei Wang: Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship from Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering (2008).
3. Shuhua Yue: Joe Bourland Travel award to the BMES meeting (2008).
2. Yunzhou Shi: Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon Award for being an excellent TA in Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering (2008). 

1. Yunzhou Shi: Travel award to the National Neural Trauma Meeting (2007).