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Research Area News

QCSE Research News

D. Romano, M. Pharris, N. Patel, and T. Kinzer-Ursem co-author Competitive tuning: Competition's role in setting the frequency-dependence of Ca2+-dependent proteins in PLOS Computational Biology. 6 November 2017.
Charles Babbs authors Generalized Fractals for Computer Generated Art: Preliminary Results as a working paper. 14 September 2017.
Nan Kong, an associate professor of biomedical engineering, co-authors The n-by-T Target Discharge Strategy for Inpatient Units in Medical Decision Making (journal).
Andrew Brightman, the assistant head of biomedical engineering and an associate professor of engineering practice, co-authored Empathic Perspective-Taking and Ethical Decision-Making in Engineering Ethics Education in Philosophy and Engineering.
Edward Bartlett, an associate professor of biomedical engineering and biological sciences, was named a 2017 University Faculty Scholar. The honor recognizes outstanding accomplishments by faculty mid-way through their academic career.