Jeremy Hale

Jeremy Hale

Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs


Phone: +1 765 494-7871
Fax: +1 765 494-1193

Purdue University
Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
206 S. Martin Jischke Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2032



  • I am a BOILERMAKER! I graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a Bachelors of Science majoring in biology. I went on to Frostburg State University in Maryland to get a Masters degree in Ecology and Animal Behavior, where I studied the parental behavior of a cichlid fish in Nicaragua for 10 months. I have spent over 300 hours underwater. After my first Masters, I traveled the western hemisphere for about 10 years working as a research technician on many different species (fish, birds, ground squirrels, and plants) and as an outdoor educator (California, Nebraska, Canada). I became interested in teaching from these experiences. This lead me to a program called Teach For America, which places leaders in low socioeconomic regions of the United States that have a high demand for teachers. I was selected to teach in New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation where I spent 5 years teaching general sciences, coaching football and track, and learning a tremendous amount from my students.

Advising Philosophy

  • My goal is to provide my students with the knowledge, resources and skills to pursue their individual dreams. I think that finding the right career can be a short trip for some and a long trip for others. By giving students the skills to find employment on their own, I know our students will be able to move forward in their careers long after they leave the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.
  • I live by these words: “Give a student a fish and you feed him/her for a day. Teach a student to fish and you feed her/him for a lifetime.” ~adapted from Mrs. Dymond; written by author Anne Isabelle Thackeray Richie