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David B. Burr

David Burr

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Professor and Chairman of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery


Phone: +1 317 274-7434
Fax: +1 317 278-2040

Indiana University School of Medicine
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, MS 5035
635 Barnhill Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202


  • BA, Beloit College, 1973
  • MA, University of Colorado, 1974
  • PhD, University of Colorado, 1977

Research Interests

  • Dr. Burr's current research activities include evaluation of the effects of pharmacologic agents used to treat osteoporosis on properties associated with quality of the bone matrix, specifically, the accumulation and repair of microdamage, changes in mineralization and alterations to the collagenous matrix. He has for many years been a leader in studying the role of skeletal fatigue and microdamage-mediated remodeling in bone biomechanical and physiological adaptation. His current work involves understanding the role that selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) play in altering the properties of the bone matrix. He is also studying the role that collagen cross-linking and maturity play in bone's structural and material energy absorption capacity in Type II diabetes, and investigating the possibility that use of inhibitors to non-enzymatic glycation of bone can improve biomechanical properties of bone. Dr. Burr is the author of more than 230 research articles in the peer-reviewed literature, 48 book chapters and reviews, and four books on the structure, function and mechanics of bone.