Dr. Julie Y. Ji

Areas of Research: Cell and Nuclear Mechanics, Mechanotransduction


Cells exist in a mechanically active environment. Our group is interested in understanding how various mechanical and biochemical signals can influence cell functions on a genetic, molecular, and cellular level; and how they are translated into tissue or whole body effects. We are specifically interested in cells of the vascular system.

  • Simultaneous effects of biochemical and mechanical signals (shear stress, strain, and substrate properties) on cell apoptosis
  • The importance of an structurally intact cell nucleus in mechanotransduction
  • Nuclear hormone receptor signaling under mechanical stresses

Recruitment Needs:

  • Looking for 1 graduate student with experience in cell and molecular biology techniques


Vascular Cellular Mechanics Lab SELB 221, Office: SL-220J, 317-278-2275, IUPUI Campus, Indianapolis

Contact: jji@iupui.edu
Website: http://www.engr.iupui.edu/main/people/detail.php?id=jji