Dr. Nan Kong

Areas of Research:

machine learning, simulation modeling, computational epidemiology, computational biology, systems science

Project: Predictive Analytics in Population Health

Dr. Kong would like to recruit a talented student to work with him and members of his lab in the area of predictive analytics in population health. To date, research investments have yielded many highly effective health interventions for disease prevention and treatment. Yet, many interventions are not being optimally delivered to have public health impact. Implementation research can provide a means to determine optimal and sustainable strategies to deliver health interventions. To improve implementation research, novel tools are needed to tap into many sources of information and develop models for health outcomes at the individual, population, and system levels. Enter Predictive Analytics!

Predictive analytics applies statistical modeling and machine learning algorithms to comprehensive data (e.g., electronic medical records, claims data, geospatial information, burden of disease, demography, community health care capacity, together with omics data and environmental factors), and strives to understand complex interrelationships between determinants of health and the variability of health care. Predictive analytics has a longstanding tradition in medicine. Developing better prediction models is a critical step in the pursuit f improved health care.

The Biomedical Analytics and Systems Optimization (BASO) Lab, led by Dr. Kong, develops and integrates innovative healthcare analytics with the goals of transforming healthcare practice and improving individual’s quality of life and wellbeing. We are interested in developing advanced data-driven optimization and analytics methods and tools that are critical to health care. In addition, we are interested in applying them to problems arising in healthcare service, clinical practice, and public health, through utilizing technology-based solutions and developing community-engaged projects.

Immediate project will be in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Falconar and his colleagues at the Universidad del Norte, Colombia, to address several public health needs, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and several tropic infectious diseases.

Recruitment Needs:

1 talented PhD student with creativity, independence, and perseverance. 


Please feel free to contact Dr. Kong directly:
Email: nkong@purdue.edu