Student Spotlights

Krysten Mah | Engineering World Health Summer Institute

"I decided to study biomedical engineering so that I could help find solutions to medical problems occurring in under-developed nations. With all the medical advances that biomedical engineers create, it is surprising that millions of people around the world suffer from diseases that we can easily treat in the United States."

Will Hoggatt  |  Translational Research

"I looked at it as an opportunity to apply what I learned, and actually make something that could one day be useful. That was why I wanted to become an engineer in the first place."


Esther Foo | Extracurricular Activities

"I participate in various extra-curricular activities because I certainly do not believe in studying around the clock. I find that having other activities keeps my college life fun."


Alexa MalaspinoAlexa Malaspino | Weldon School Ambassador

"I think it is important for those of us in engineering to represent engineering in order to allow students to make decisions based on experiences with real engineers, rather than based on stereotypes they've learned."


Mackenzie Tweardy

Mackenzie Tweardy | Summer Research

"Working in a lab for a summer on campus was awesome. It is something that I firmly believe that all students should experience. It was challenging and made me apply my academic knowledge to real life application."


Ronit Patnaik

Ronit Patnaik | President, The Timmy Foundation

“The most important thing I gained was a humanitarian outlook and a belief that I can make an impact on the world.”



Matthew Pharris

Matthew Pharris Student Internships

“BME really gets to the heart of what engineering is all about: improving people’s lives.”



Amy Bogucki

Amy Bogucki | Summer Research

“I would recommend a research experience to anyone. I think the only way to learn something is to try it.”



John Rauchenstein

John Rauchenstein | Study Abroad

"I think the most memorable moments I had were simply the homemade dinners with my friends. Keep in mind that these friends were from all over the world."

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