Sean Thomas-Thandupurakal         


Class of:  2015


Why I chose Purdue? 
Purdue is a fantastic engineering school with a high quality biomedical engineering program.  It was also one of the only schools that offered me a shot at getting into biomedical engineering in college.  My cousin from Australia also did a foreign exchange program with Purdue, which was my introduction to the university.

Why I chose Engineering and BME?
My father is a physician in internal medicine, and my mother was in the medical industry so there has always been some sort of pressure to be within the medical field.  I also have always have had a deep interest in biology and chemistry, this fascination in science as well as my love for dissection has transformed itself into an interest in biomedical engineering and medicine.

Extra-curricular activities:

Freshman year: President of the Royal Highlanders Club (McCutcheon Hall Club)

Sophomore year: BME Ambassadors

Outside of School: Give a scholarship in honor of my mother at my old high school, I receive applications, choose the winner with a few individuals that knew my mom best, and give a speech presenting the winner in front of many students and parents at my old high school.

Engineering-related experience I have had while in BME:
Interned at Abbott Laboratories for the last two summers, at Abbott Park, IL and Des Plaines, IL.

Post-graduation plans
I plan to either apply to medical school or go straight into industry, probably with Abbott Laboratories in their Professional Development Program.  If I apply to medical school and do not get in, then I plan to work at Abbott Laboratories.