Becca Feick


Class of: 2015

Why I chose Purdue?

I originally looked into Purdue because of its engineering program. I liked the atmosphere on campus with its diverse student population and all the opportunities to try new things and get involved while getting a solid engineering education. I hadn’t decided between biomedical or chemical engineering yet and at Purdue I could purse either choice. Purdue also offered well developed opportunities to gain “real word” experience through research, co-ops and internship, and the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program.

Why I chose Engineering and BME?
Engineering is a very natural fit for me, but I didn’t think about pursuing it as a career until my chemistry teacher freshman year of high school told me about chemical engineering. Then the summer before my senior year of high school I participated in a program at the University of Tennessee where I took an introduction to Biomedical Engineering class. I wanted a career that would engage my natural bent towards math, science, and problem solving while allowing me to make a direct impact in bettering people’s quality of life. I ended up choosing biomedical engineering over chemical engineering because the biomedical industry is a developing industry with many different career path options. I was also interested in the medical industry, but wanted to be involved more on the research and product development side rather than actually directly caring for patients.

Extra-curricular activities:
While at Purdue I have become involved in both the Biomedical Engineering Society and the Society of Women Engineers. I also participate in the Women in Engineering Group Mentoring Program. Outside of engineering, I have played intramural volleyball and am very involved with the Navigators, a Christian campus ministry.

Engineering-related experience I have had while in BME:  
Freshman year I was in the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) learning community. In the EPICS program students are assigned to teams which work to develop solutions to meet the needs of community partners. I was on the Cellular Engineering Demonstrations team which partnered with the Biotechnology Learning Center in the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to create interactive educational models about cells and different aspects of their function. The team had three projects, and my project was to create a model to teach children about the process of gene expression. I have participated in the program every semester I have been on campus moving from the role of project team member, to project leader, and eventually co-team leader. The summer after my sophomore year I began my first rotation as an engineering development co-op in the Extremities division of Zimmer, an orthopedic company based in Warsaw, Indiana. I have been working at Zimmer all year completing my second rotation in the spring then an added internship in the Trauma division over the summer. Currently, I am beginning my third co-op rotation which will end in December. In my time at Zimmer I have been able to work with the full time engineers and other cross-functional team members to develop new products and maintain products that have already been released into the field. 

Post-graduation plans:
After graduation I plan on pursuing a job in the orthopedic industry as a development or quality engineer. I am also considering graduate school for engineering, but would like to spend some time in industry first.