Esther W Foo


Class of: 2015





Why I chose Purdue?
Purdue’s engineering program has an excellent reputation and it is the main reason why I chose Purdue. However, I also took other factors into account: I’m from Malaysia and the schools back home are quite small; I wanted to experience campus life and therefore opted for a big university that still retained a ‘homey’ feel, it is important to me to feel welcomed being so far away from home.

Why I chose Engineering and BME?
I wanted to pursue a major where I can make positive impact on people’s life. I’m interested in both the engineering and medical field and BME allows me to apply engineering techniques to the medical field. Hopefully one day I can play a part in closing the gap between medicine and engineering and improve people’s lives.

Extra-curricular activities:

  • Treasurer of MEDLIFE (Volunteered in Esmeraldas, Ecuador)
  • Director of programming for the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
  • Peer Mentor and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (2 FYE Classes)
  • Latin and Ballroom Dance Team (USA National Collegiate Dancesport Champion 2011-2014)
  • BME Ambassador and Student Advisory Committee

Engineering-related experience/CO-OP/Intern/Research/Other:  

  • R&D Internship in Hollister Inc. Summer 2014 (Developed a test method for the evaluation of moist tissue adhesion of skin barriers using porcine epidermis)
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant in Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories (Employed different flow cytometry methods to conduct experiments in fully automated drug screening and cell sorting projects)

Post-graduation plans
I am currently looking into graduate schools that have a concentration in medical product design and development. I found that I have a passion for the subject and I would love to learn more about human factors and design as well as the regulatory aspects to it. The field fascinates me and I hope one day I will be involved in designing medical products that can change and improve the lives of others. But at this point, I certainly wouldn’t say no to a job offer if it aligns with my interest!