Eric Miller


Class of: 2015


Why I chose Purdue?
I chose Purdue for several reasons. First, Purdue offers one the best engineering programs in the country, and I wanted to challenge myself to achieve the best possible education that I could. It also made it an easier decision because I lived two hours away and my sister was in pharmacy school at Purdue at the time. Also, with Purdue being such a big school, it gave me the opportunity to get involved with various organizations and expand my education past what I learned in the classroom. Overall, Purdue offered the best opportunity for me to achieve my goals, and that led me to choosing it as my school.

Why I chose Engineering and BME?
I chose BME because I have also wanted to be involved in healthcare and helping people. I want to apply to medical school, so BME was a great choice to prepare myself and expand my knowledge as much as I could before I apply. I knew that it wouldn’t be the easiest route to getting into medical school but I knew it would prepare me to become a better doctor. It has been amazing to see how much the BME has grown even since I started at Purdue, and to see how it will grow in the future.

Extra-curricular activities:
PUDM Morale Committee, Teacher Assistant for ENGR 131 and 132, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity (former Social chairman and Academic chairman), Purdue Run Club, Intramural Sports Captain, BMES, Push America volunteer, Journey of Hope Cyclist, Pi Alpha Society, Lafayette Jefferson High School volunteer, Undergraduate Research, and MED Institute Co-op.

Engineering-related experience I have had while in BME:  

MED Institute, Inc.

Bench Team Co-op

  • Developed models base on patient anatomy to train physicians on stent deployment            
  • Performed pulsatile fatigue tests according to ASTM F2477
  • Gained understanding of radial force testing and its clinical application
  • Acquired knowledge and practice on FDA, SFDA, PMDA and ROW regulations and reporting

Post-graduation plans
I plan on applying to medical school at the end of this year. If I get into a MD or DO school, I want to do the HPSP program through the military and become a military doctor.