Demetra King


Demi King

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Class of: 2015




Why I chose Purdue?
Purdue is a huge research university with a phenomenal engineering program and plenty of opportunities to get involved both on and off-campus. (I also love being nestled between Indianapolis and Chicago.)

Why I chose Engineering and BME?
I’ve always loved math and science and thought the best way to put them to good use in a career was through engineering. I chose BME specifically because it’s an expanding field with a lot of opportunities in the medical device, life science, and healthcare industries.

Extra-curricular activities:
Undergraduate research (School of Nursing), BME ambassadors

Engineering-related experience/CO-OP/Intern/Research:
I completed a 3-term co-op with Cook Medical (rotations at Cook in Bloomington, IN and at MED Institute in West Lafayette, IN), working in the test labs at each location. I conducted both formal and feasibility tests of Cook medical devices and also managed a set of projects related to improving testing equipment, efficiency, and accuracy.

I also participated in a summer internship through Northeastern University (Boston, MA) at their Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, where I collaborated on applied and research-based healthcare system projects in Boston-area hospitals.

Post-graduation plans:
I’m pursuing a career in the fields of life science and/or healthcare systems analytics. I would like to work for a consulting firm that focuses on projects related to health care delivery, patient access, and quality and process improvement.