Professional Development & Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowship/Funding Opportunities

Bourland Travel Award--Fall application deadline is 2nd Friday in August; Spring application deadline is the last Friday in January.

Graduate School Incentive Grant-receive $500 for simply applying to eligible fellowships!

College of Engineering Supplemental Travel Award for NSF fellows--provides instructions on how NSF Fellows can receive up to $500 in matching funds from the College to travel to conferences each year of the fellowship. Please refer to linked instructions above for use of the following required forms:

  • Request for Conference Travel Funds
  • Report on Conference Travel
  • Graduate School Funding--link to information from the Purdue Graduate School:

  • types of funding opportunities
  • when to start the search for funding opportunities
  • where to look for funding opportunities
  • preparing fellowship applications
  • searchable database for local, national, and international fellowships and scholarships
  • fellowships offered by Purdue Graduate School
  • Professional Development Opportunities

    Graduate School Professional Development--link to information from the Purdue Graduate School:

  • workshop calendar offering registration for free professional development workshops
  • preparing for non-profits
  • preparing for academics
  • preparing for business
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).--link to information about Purdue ethics courses and seminars as well as other resources regarding Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).

    Purdue Bioethics--link to Purdue Bioethics seminar schedule and speaker information.

    Career Opportunities

    New website available for searching for post-doc positions nation-wide. Visit Pathways to Science for a database of available post-doc positions in the US.