Corey Neu

Areas of Research: Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Imaging, Biomechanics

Project: Nuclear Mechanotransduction

Force transmission over log length scales influences gene expression in the nuclei of individual cells. We will explore relationships between mechanics and gene expression, using our combined microscopy and hyperelastic warping techniques.

Project: Magnetic Prototyping in 3D (MAP3D)

Magnetic fields may be used to align collagen fibers for tissue engineering applications. We use a novel process, termed MAP3D, to create collagen-based scaffolding with ultrastructural organization that resemble native tissues.

Project: In Vivo Tissue Mechanics

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive technology used to visualize the structure and function of tissues and biomaterials. We create specialized MRI techniques to nondestructively compute mechanics (strain, stress, material properties) in normal, diseased, and engineered tissues in vivo.

Recruitment Needs:

Looking for up to 3 new PHD students.