Zhongming Liu

Areas of Research: Neuroimaging and Neuroengineering

Recruitment Needs *NEW May 30, 2015*:

The Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging has 3 openings for graduate research assistants. Doctoral students are preferred.

 1. Medical Image Processing. Responsibility includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) image analysis, segmentation, parcellation, registration, digitization and modeling.

 2. Animal MRI. Responsibility includes manganese enhanced MRI, diffusion MRI, susceptibility MRI, perfusion MRI, and functional MRI. Candidates with previous experience in MRI physics are preferred.

 3. Biosignal processing. It involves statistical signal processing, inverse problem, and machine learning related to functional MRI, Electroencephalography, optical imaging data.

Website: http://www.engineering.purdue.edu/libi