Julie C. Liu

Areas of Research: Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Protein Engineering

Project: Biomimetic Scaffolds for Cartilage Engineering

(in collaboration with Alyssa Panitch)
Scaffolds for Cartilage Engineering

We are developing an environment that resists the destructive cycle of cartilage degradation from osteoarthritis, mimics the native cartilage structure, and promotes cartilage differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.

Recruitment Needs: 1 new PhD student, preferably with experience with mammalian cell culture or mechanical testing of materials.


Project: Vascular Tissue Engineering
Vascular Tissue Engineering

We are investigating the effect of peptide cues and mechanical properties to affect differentiation of stem cells to arterial or venous endothelial cell types.

Recruitment Needs:  1 new PhD student, preferably with experience with mammalian cell culture.

Website: engineering.purdue.edu/ChE/People/ptProfile?id=43169
Email: julieliu@ecn.purdue.edu