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Dr. Nathan J. Alves

Areas of Research

Direct fibrinolysis, targeted therapeutic delivery


  • Targeted delivery of nanoparticle based pharmaceutical agents to treat blood clots

Our research interests are highly interdisciplinary as we apply engineering principles and designs to create translational technologies for clinical implementation.  We perform research that integrates synthetic biology through recombinant protein expression, synthetic chemistry through molecule design and synthesis, analytical chemistry through diverse purification and characterization techniques, and direct implementation of nanoparticles in various in vitro and in vivo clot lysis assays. 

Being directly linked to the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis we are uniquely situated to access clinically relevant patient samples as we develop new methods of treating disease.  

Recruitment Needs

Looking for a Post Doc and technician in the areas of chemical synthesis and lipid based nanoparticle engineering for therapeutic applications.  Position location: Indianapolis, IN.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Alves directly.