Dr. Julie C. Liu

Areas of Research

Biomaterials and tissue engineering


  • Develop an in vitro tissue model for drug testing.
  • Investigate cartilage tissue engineering in an inflammatory environment

Recruitment Needs

A post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Dr. Julie C. Liu is immediately available. Required: PhD degree in chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials science engineering, or related degree. Preferred: Prior experience with natural biomaterials (e.g., collagen, hyaluronic acid), materials characterization (e.g., rheology, cryo-SEM), cell culture with stem cells, qPCR, confocal microscopy, and/or immunocytochemistry. Successful candidate works well independently, has excellent written and oral communication skills, and has a strong publication record.  

Please feel free to contact Dr. Liu directly.

Email: julieliu@ecn.purdue.edu