Drs. Nan Kong and Elsje Pienaar

Areas of Research

Predictive analytics capability for biomedical systems sciences and engineering


In this project we propose to integrate multi-scale modeling with statistical machine learning approaches to efficiently and rigorously extract key and interpretable features from smaller-scale simulations and adaptively transfer this information to larger-scale simulations. To better harness such efficient data exchange between scales, we also propose to develop active learning methods for efficiently characterizing spatiotemporal dynamics of complex systems based on limited experimental and real-world observations. Through the above two objectives, we will greatly expand our predictive analytics capability for biomedical systems science and engineering.


Recruitment Needs

A highly motivated individual with the ambition and commitment to excel in a competitive yet highly cooperative and productive translational research environment. Applicants should have a PhD and prior experience in computational epidemiology, medical informatics, and systems biology.

Please feel free to contact Profs. Kong and Pienaar with the Subject Line: PA_BSS: Postdoc Application.

Email: (nkong@purdue.edu)

Email: (epienaar@purdue.edu)