Dr. Riyi Shi

Areas of Research:

Pathological mechanisms of motor and sensory deficits, motor dysfunction results from ionic channel abnormalities, and pathological behavior stemming from local physical and chemical disturbances


The electrophysiological expression of various channels of interest will be assessed at levels of dorsal root ganglion, spinal cord, and brain, using both in vitro and in vivo rodent models. The technologies involved will be mainly extracellular or intracellular potential recording and imaging isolated tissues and neurons.      


Recruitment Needs:

A PhD student who possess significant knowledge related to fundamental electrophysiological techniques in neuroscience and quantitative data analysis. In addition, solid experiences with rodent surgery on brain and spinal cord would be preferred. 

Please feel free to contact Prof. Riyi Shi directly and send an up-to-date CV and example of published work.

Email: (riyi@purdue.edu)