Alpha Lab (All-in-one for Semiconductor Packaging, Heat transfer, and Assembly Lab) is mainly focusing on advanced semiconductor interconnects and packaging manufacturing techniques development, including novel packaging materials, innovative manufacturing processes, design and integration, as well as advanced thermal management techniques, such as smart-controlled microjet cooling, cryogenic cooling, and efficient thermal packaging materials. The research field covers high-performance computations, 3DIC, Light-emitting diodes, power electronics, Photonics, Quantum computing, X-ray, and high-power laser optics. 

Advanced Packaging & Heterogeneous Integration



Spray-on Cooling
Imec demonstrates efficient cost-effective cooling solution for high performance chips
A cold shower for chips
All-in-one design integrates microfluidic cooling into electronic chips
Blood and Silicon: New Electronics-Cooling System Mimics Human Capillaries
Breakthroughs in 3D Chip Technology Lead to Cooling With Microfluidics and 3D Printing