Aug 22 2012

Become A Committee Member With Aero Assist!

Welcome back!  With the beginning of new academic year, Aero Assist is looking for various new members for different committees.  Please see the information below about them and contact us (email:aeroassist@ecn.purdue.edu) by Sept. 4th regarding positions that you are interested in.

Callout Flyer

Aero Assist Leadership Committee Member Position

We are looking for a new graduate student (among those who joined AAE this fall) to join Aero Assist leadership team. The fresh view of a new student will help us improve our activities. If you are interested please contact Aero Assist at aeroassist@ecn.purdue.edu by Sept. 4th. 

Aero Assist Committee Members Needed

Aero Assist is also seeking committee members for various committees in the organization. If you are interested in being involved on the departmental or university level, would like to take the challenge and make a difference, and thus develop valuable professional and social skills, please consider contacting us by Sept. 4th. Being on a committee is a small time commitment, but can result in gaining a very valuable experience. Plus, it also gives you an opportunity to influence and improve graduate student life in the department and whole Purdue. We encourage you to sign up.

To join or ask questions, email Aero Assist at aeroassist@ecn.purdue.edu

Social and Sports Committee

This committee will be in charge of the numerous social events by Aero Assist, such as the study breaks, department tailgate party, and socials.  The committee will be responsible for organizing, registering, and leading the teams in co-rec competitions and interdepartmental tournaments.

Outreach and Development Committee

This committee will be committed towards organizing events for the continual professional growth of Purdue AAE graduate students within and beyond the classroom. They will also be responsible to design and implement programs/resources to address professional needs of AAE graduate students.

Mentorship Program Committee

The mentorship program is a leading effort of Aero Assist. The future activities of the committee will include further events to foster mentor-mentee relationship, a trip to the National U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH, and running a mini mentorship program in the spring semester.

Fundraising Committee

This committee will be responsible for coordinating fundraising activities and work with the treasurer to ensure the financial stability of Aero Assist for future years.  The committee may also work with other student organizations within the department to coordinate combined fundraising activities, such as apparel sales.