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ASME Relay For Life 2013

Purdue ASME has sent over 6 of it's senior members to participate in this year's Realy for LIfe event. Raising over $500 dollars for Relay for Life, our team members stayed the night and marched on until the following morning. With an Indiana Jones themed booth, ASME allowed participants to create gift bastkets and T-shirts to be given to the local Unity Healthcare Center in Lafayette, IN. Participating members were able to select from a  variety of items (tooth brushes, sanitizers, kleenex wipes, note cards, etc.) to be put into the gift baskets. These small necessities were determined to be the things that people forget most when they enter a hospital. With over 40 gift bags made, ASME is proud to contribute to both Relay for Life nationally and our Lafayette Commuinity. 

Special to Alex Rovder and Kaitlyn Dalton for the organization of the event and their fundraising efforts! 



ASME Rube Goldberg Takes 3rd at Nationals!

After placing 1st at Regionals, ASME Rube Goldberg went to nationals in COSI Columbus Dynamic Hands-On Science Center. Here they competed with teams across the country for the gold. Before entering the competition, the ASME rube goldberg team workej dto add steps and increase the complexity of their machine before the competition day. With over 150+ steps to hammer a nail, Allison Fifer and her team placed 3rd for Purude ASME in Nationals. We congraduate her team for their hard work and their well deserved award. The Purdue ASME Rube Goldberg machine used in this year's competition has been donated to a nearby museum. ASME student compete every year in this event to gain hands-on experience and promote engineering ingenuity and competition. 

ASME Rube Goldberg Team takes 3rd in Ohio!


ASME Grand Prix Practice!

ASME Grand Prix team is preparing for the upcoming Grand Prix race on April 20th. ASME members go above and beyond to tune the cart and foster a team. This year, ASME has high expectations. After taking 10th place last year, we have rebuilt our cart and refreshed the team. With a new driver and new crew, we hope to take home the gold this year. Our practice times are looking swift and our excitement is at an all time high. We have allowed a select number of ME student gain hands-on experience in a fast paced enviroment and hope to continue this traditionin the following years. Good luck to our Grand Prix Team and let give them our support on Race Day!

Team Members:


Brian Parme (Driver)
Stephen Tainter (Committee Head)
Chris Robinson
Nathaneal Wood
Pengxiang Wu
Kimberly Perram
Mukul Aggarwal
ASME Grand Prix 2013 Team practices before the race on April 20th! 



ASME in 2013 Boiler Blast!

Purdue ASME sent four members to participate in this year's Boiler Blast event! Here students participate in an one day campus-wide event  to "beautify" the the West Lafayette Community. Students set out at 8:30am to assist West Lafayette residents and the Purdue community  in completing general house hold chores (raking, cleaning, trimming, etc.)  and even providing company to those who need it most. Every year, ASME is proud to participate in this event and give back to the Purdue Community. Our members this year, Set the Standard by taking charge

Special thanks to Alex Rovder, Kaitlyn Dalton, Tyler Heckendorn, and Manoj Lokanat for their dedication towards ASME's Philantropic goals.

ASME/AICHE Ettiquette Dinner with Anthony Cawdron 2013

Purdue ASME and Purdue AICHE put together an Ettiquette dinner with guest speaker Anthony Cawdron. ASME filled up all 15 availible spots for our members. In this collaborative event, Purdue ASME was able to interact with other student organizations on campus and reward ASME members for their time and commitment towards bettering ASME. These students take time from their busy schedules to organize events and activities for the ME student body as well as for Purdue community as a whole.

Special Thanks to Gabriela Campos for organizing this event for our ASME members!

Wrapping up for this year's ASME/AICHE Ettiquette Dinner with Anthony Cawdron

Rube Goldberg Took 1st Place at Purdue's 2013 Rube Goldberg Competition

There is not better example of how ASME "Sets the Standard" then when our teams compete and showcase their skills in practice. Congraduations to Allision Fifer and her team for brining home 1st place at this year's Rube Goldber Design Compeition. As the head to nationals, they have made Purdue ME proud by continuing the tradition of student ecellence and applying thier 

For a look at this year's rube goldberg machine, refer to link below.



Special Thanks to Allison Fifer for her dedication and commitment to the ASME Rube Goldberg team


From left to right in the picture: Caesar Ong, Dominic Fabili, Collin Carter, Nancy Chen, Allison Fifer (Rube Chair), Matthew Hackner, Matt Pukoszek, Jen Brown, Steve Taylor, Brian Rybarczyk.


E-Week at Children's Museum 2013

On Saturday Feb. 23  eight ASME members from Purdue volunteered their time to participate in the 2013 E-Week event at Indianapolis's Children's Museum for the day. Just 2 days before before, these students prepared an activity to demonstrate the difference betwene newtonian and non-newtonian fluids for the children. This interactive activity allowed the oncoming parents and children to play with and ask a few questions about a set of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids both common and uncommonly found in their households. 

Special thanks to Kaitlyn Dalton and Tyler Heckendorn for their devotion and service to the group

From Left to Right in Back Table: Lauren Kretch, Minh Nguyen, Kaitlyn Dalton, Alex Rovder


E-Week at Purdue (Railside Station) 

This year's ASME Purdue Chapter sponsored E-week event gave us a chance to showcase our chapter and show the ME student body know more about ASME and how it can help them with their career potentials! In the process we gave out some treats, and momentos from our group in hopes they inquire more about why they should join. Within just a few hours we were able to give out all our ME gear, including pint glasses, flashlights, backpacks, and memberships!

Special thanks to Lauren Kretch and her team for constructing our "Wheel of Fortune" for the event.

Eager ME students wait in line to get a chance to win a one-of-a-kind ASME pint glass, flashlight, backpack, or year long membership


Winterization 2012

ASME members participated in this year's Winterization event by volunteering their time to help the greater Lafayette Community "Winterize" their homes. During an early saturday morning, members of ASME Purdue section gathered at the St. Aquinas Church at 8am for orientation. After splitting up in two separate 4-6 man groups, we prepared Lafayette and West Lafayette homes for the coming winter. We were proud to be able to take place the event this year and use it as both a bonding excercise for our new members and a way for our group to contribute back to our greater Lafayette area.

Special thanks to ASME officers Alex Rovder  and Tyler Heckendorn for organizing a team for this event

From Left to Right: Gabriella Campos, Allison Fifer, Tyler Heckendorn, Cannon Cheng


ME socials 2012

ASME and PTS organized two ME socials for the Fall of 2012 to bring together students and professor for a night at Jake's. This year, Pint glasses were distributed to members of the ME student body and food was served for a nice thursday night out for students. ME socials have had a long standing reputation for allowing students and professors to interact outside of the school setitng. Additionally, ME socials allow student to interact with one another outside of the school setting giving time to meet new people and network with upperclassman. 

Special Thanks to Tyler Heckendorn for his continued services to Purdue ASME and organizing the event with PTS


ASME Fall Callout

Tremendous turnout for our first Callout during the fall, where even under cramped conditions, students show up to hear more about ASME. Two guest speakers attended this event this year: Zach Umperovich (Rube Goldberg District Representative) and Ingersall Rand Representative. Zach showcased ASME's award winning team to potentially interested students and Ingersall rand showcased his companies variety of opportunities for ME students. With a turnout of over 150 students, students eageraly wait for a spot to open up out in the hall!

Special thanks to Robert Heeter with his ASME officers for organizing this event

Ingersall Rand Representatives talk to students about potential career paths within his company