Dr. Julia Rayz


Computer and Information Technology

Dr. Victor Raskin

Faculty Member

English & Linguistics

Dr. Christian (Kiki) Hempelmann

Faculty Member

Texas A&M University -Commerce


Xiaonan Jing

Ph.D Candidate

MS Thesis: Concept-Level Sentiment...

Shih Feng Yang

Ph.D Candidate

MS Thesis: An event detection...

Saltanat Tazhibayeva

Ph.D Candidate

MS Thesis: Moving object detection...

Tatiana Ringenberg

Ph.D Candidate

MS Thesis: Creating, testing and...

Kanishka Misra

Ph.D Student

MS Thesis: Exploring Lexical Sensitivities...

Geetanjali Bihani

Ph.D Student

MS Thesis: Longitudinal Comparison of...

Yifei Hu

Ph.D Student

MS Thesis: A Study of Media...

Rey Alejandro Gonzalez

Ph.D Student

Byungkyu Yoo

MS Student

David A. Burgos

MS Student

Yi Zhang

MS Student

Damin Zhang

MS Student

John Phan

Undergrad Student

Qingyuan "Carol" Hu

Undergrad Student

Cuong "Johnny" Nguyen

Undergrad Student

Ethan O'Sullivan

Undergrad Student


Gilchan Park

M.S., Ph.D (2018)

Ph.D Thesis: Towards Ontology-Based...

Chien-Yi Hsiang

Ph.D (2018)

Ph.D Thesis: Detecting Popularity of Ideas...

Soumya Aggarwal

M.S. (2020)

MS Thesis: Joke Recommender System...

Qiaofei Ye

M.S. (2019)

MS Thesis: A Sentiment Based...

Hemanth Devarapalli

M.S. (2018)

MS Thesis: Forced Attention for...

Parag Guruji

M.S. (2018)

MS Thesis: Polarization in Media...

Chinmay Talekar

M.S. (2018)

MS Thesis: Sentiment Analysis on...

Penghao Wang

M.S. (2017)

MS Thesis: Extract Restaurant Aspect...

Robert Hinh

M.S. (2016)

MS Thesis: Tool comparison of...

Louis Hickman

M.S. (2015)

MS Thesis: Calculating the meaning...

Yuanxun Wang

B.S. (2019)