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    The Marketing Committee’s main goal is to bring AIChE members together. This is done first by spreading the word of current events within Purdue AIChE to all the students and faculty via social media and print. And second by planning and hosting social events that bring members together to build lasting relationships. In the past, this has included events like AIChE Game Night. As we expand in the future we hope to host events like Forney coffee hour, movie night, etc.


    Recently, we have expanded the Finance Committee to not only manage the cash flow to and from the organization, but also take the initiative in generating income for Purdue AIChE. We manage the semester budget for each committee and the organization as a whole to ensure that we are spending wisely. To keep an updated and accurate membership list, we collaborate with the Communications Committee. We also directly interface and develop relationships with the Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO) and the School of Chemical Engineering. Ways that we generate income include: actively searching and applying for grants, working with the Industrial Relations Committee to develop a robust corporate sponsorship packet, and drafting individual letters requesting funds to send to companies.

    Industrial Relations:

    The Industrial Relations Committee works in conjunction with the President and External Vice President to coordinate activities and communications with companies.  They work to maximize interactions between industry and our program throughout the year to ensure students can get opportunities to learn about chemical engineering in application and meet engineers in the field.  Some projects the committee may work on include organizing plant tours and hosting companies for on-campus visits.


    The Philanthropy Committee exists to improve the lives of people at Purdue, in the Greater Lafayette area, and around the world.  We want to get chemical engineers involved with community service and charity opportunities around campus.  We host and participate in a variety of events throughout the year, such as “Boo at the Zoo,” “Relay for Life,” and our annual Valentine’s Day Bake Sale.  All of the funds that we raise go to the American Cancer Society.  Please contact one of the Executive Board members if you are interested in learning more about our current and upcoming activities!

    Student Relations:

    The Student Relations Committee hosts social and/or athetic events that bring students, and sometimes faculty together to make networking more fun. In the past some of these events have included basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, yoga and a March Madness bracket challenge. This year, the committee is thinking about competing with other national engineering students organizations to expand outside of ChE. If you are interested in athletics and want to help out, we would love to have you join this committee to plan fun events for this year!

    Faculty Relations:

    The Faculty Relations Committee hosts events that allow professors and students to meet and socialize in a relaxed environment.  In the past, some of these events have included luncheons, socials, and a game night.

    Undergraduate Research:

    The Undergraduate Research Committee works to promote undergraduate research programs to students. The committee helps introduce available research opportunities to current undergraduates, as well as help current resarchers participate in poster symposiums on and off campus. 


    This committee focuses on reaching new members through year and class specific events.  Primarily, the Outreach Committee targets those students who are new to Purdue's Chemical Engineering Program and First Year Engineering (FYE) students who are interested in pursuing Chemical Engineering as a major. The Outreach Committee also communicates with our sister chapter, NUS.