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  • Merck; Co-op; 20 Feb 2020

Co-Op/Professional Practice Program - For Purdue University as an institution to strive for preeminence, individual components of our organization must reach-out for preeminence and leadership within their own respective areas. The Purdue University Cooperative Education Program has taken-up the challenge, and we strive to be a national leader in supplying traditional work-integrated learning experiences for students within their chosen undergraduate curriculums. In working toward this goal, our faculty has recently chosen to supplement our well-established Traditional Co-Op program with a variety of work schedules. Our aim is to meet varying individual student needs with varying practical learning opportunities. Some of these new programs are based on traditional Co-Op experiences, and some are internships. As an indication of our new, broader acceptance of all types of work-integrated learning, the university administration has changed our name to the “Office of Professional Practice”. We are very excited about the change in direction this means for our future, and we are looking forward to better serving the students and employer partners of Purdue University.

Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)

The Center for Career Opportunities engages Purdue University students and alumni in exploring career options and developing effective job search skills. The CCO facilitates activities that connect students and alumni with employers and develops partnerships with Purdue colleges, schools and other stakeholders to deliver career services.

An internship and job locator site has been developed by the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association (NAADA) - ( is a national job and internship site. This job and internship site is available to specifically help students and alumni connect with employers across the nation. Because the NAADA membership works at universities, this site is a direct link to students and alumni from agricultural, natural resource, and environmental and life sciences. NAADA [] is a national organization which provides education, support and recognition for individuals dedicated to expanding resources for land-grant and other colleges of agricultural sciences and related programs.