Pre-ABE (Agricultural Biological Engineering)

Fall 1st Year

Credits Course number Course Title Prerequisites
4 CHM 11500 General Chemistry pre/co: calculus
4 ENGL 10600 English Composition  
2 ENGR 13100 Transforming Ideas to Innovation I  
4 MA 16500 Plane Analytic Geometry and Calculus I ALEKS 75+
3   UCC Approved Humanities Selective  


Spring 1st Year

Credits Course number Course Title Prerequisites
3 or 4 CHM 11600 or CS 15900 General Chemistry or Programming Applications for Engineers CHM 11500
3 COM 11400 Fundamentals of Speech Communication  
3 ENGR 13200 Transforming Ideas to Innovation II ENGR 13100
4 MA 16600 Plane Analytic Geometry and Calculus II MA 16500
3 PHYS 17200 Modern Mechanics MA 16500
16 or 17      

Upon successful completion of one year of pre-engineering curriculum, students can apply for admission to an undergraduate program of study. Details regarding the application process are available from the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Academic Programs office. Available specializations include:

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering
  • Food and Biological Process Engineering
  • Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Process Engineering

MA 16100 and MA 16200 are alternatives to MA 16500 and 16600, respectively.

Students pursuing the Agricultural Engineering major may take CHM 11600 or CS 15900. All others should take CHM 11600.

Official and complete prerequisite lists are in the course catalog; the incomplete listing presented here regards this program and course sequencing.