MS in Biotechnology Innovation & Regulatory Science (Hybrid)

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Rhea Nersesian, Clinical Diagnostics Development

Genentech, California

“The BIRS program opened up new career possibilities, but the real value to me is the knowledge to do my job while presenting myself confidently,” said Rhea Nersesian.

Rhea began her journey in the BIRS program in 2015 in a unique cohort of Roche employees from around the United States. The class material and leadership application provided Rhea the tools she needed to work in the pharmaceutical industry and the poise needed to encourage innovation and collaboration in a leadership role.

“At first, I thought the program was overwhelming, but I persisted through and learned way more than I expected. Halfway through the program, I found myself with newfound confidence, which led to a new career path. I never anticipated that I could get the job I did,” replied Rhea.

While on a plane to Indianapolis for another in-person class, Rhea received the call for an interview for her current position. She credits the Purdue BIRS program for its assistance in helping her find a new career path and the self-confidence to make the change.

“The program allowed me to grow in my self-assurance. I know that while I’m not an expert, I’ve had exposure to the material and can contribute. I don’t let people get to me now because I know what I’m talking about.”

Rhea encourages prospective students to keep an open mind and not have a definitive path.

“I never envisioned working where I do now, but this program pushed me outside of my comfort zone to take on new leadership roles and ultimately a new career path. That’s my giant leap.”