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2017 May ABeNotes

ABE Bowling Team

Are you interested in bowling in the fall?  The ABE department has a bowling team on the Purdue Bowling League.  We are looking for new team members.  We bowl every Monday evening from 6:30 – 9:15 during the 15 weeks while Purdue classes are in session.  Both men and women are welcome.  You do not have to be very good or have even bowled before.  We use a handicap to help even out the score.  You and your spouse or friend can join, as long as one of you is associated with Purdue.  It is fun, gives you a break from your studies, and gives an opportunity to associate with other people from Purdue.

If interested, contact Stan Harlow ( or come by ABE 112 if you have questions.

ASPIRE Internships

Author: Micky Creech

Students who successfully completed the Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition have a unique opportunity this summer to participate in the ASPIRE (Ag Summer Product Innovation Realization and Entrepreneurship) Internship.

ASPIRE students will participate in research and customer delivery activities on campus full-time for 11 weeks during the summer.  These students will conduct research, attend professional development seminars, build their research network and advance their soy-based prototype towards commercialization and/or a student start-up company.

Students Jeremy Garst, Andrew Huang, Kuan-Ting Lee, Surej Sathianrayanan, Terryn Sears, Ziming Wang and Yudi Wen will be participating in this year’s ASPIRE Internship.

For additional information, visit the web page at:


2017 May Alumni News

Anna (Alsman) Hayes (BS FPE '07, MS FPE '08) and her husband, Garth, have two boys: Philip is 3 and Zac is 1. Future Boilermakers!

2017 May Faculty/Staff News

Congratulations to our colleagues who have been promoted:

John Lumkes, Associate Professor to Full Professor

To Rank 6: Scott Brand, Kathy Moore,, Becky Peer,, Larry Theller

To Rank 5: Nate Engelberth, Anthony Franklin

To Rank 4: Charles Baldwin


2017 May Graduate Student News

Congratulations to our graduate students who won teaching awards:

  • Garett Pignotti for earning the Graduate Teacher Certificate
  • Malithi Wickramathilaka for earning the Graduate Instructional Development Certificate

We are proud of our students - way to represent!

ABE-Amigos win intramural soccer championship - Purdue Exponent

May 8, 2017

The ABE - Amigos took the title of turf indoor soccer champions on Thursday in the final game of the intramural season against the Vikings.

Turf indoor soccer follows similar rules to professional soccer. However, it is a faster paced game that takes place on a field that is notably smaller than a standard soccer field and is played in ten minute halves. Each team plays with four players on the field at a time and a goalie.

Both ABE and the Vikings worked hard to make it to the final match of the turf indoor soccer tournament. With a total of 41 teams in the league, they faced steep competition throughout the short season. Beginning right after spring break, ABE and the Vikings played 3 games in order to qualify for the tournament and another 5 in order to make it to the playoffs.

Alejandro Jota, a starter on ABE, spoke about his experience in the league.

“It has been a pleasure to play with friends this tournament. We played against really good teams, and we always supported each other to overcome difficult situations as a group, which is what sports are about.”

The final game match between ABE and the Vikings began with the ball in the Vikings’ possession. The Vikings started the game with a powerful kick toward’s ABE’s goal, which 2 players on ABE formed a human wall to deflect with their backs. Soon after, ABE took possession of the ball and formed the lead they would maintain throughout the duration of the match.

Though the Vikings had several shots on goal, all went wide or above the goal. By five minutes into the first half, ABE had already scored the first of the 3 goals they would make during the game.

At the 2 minute mark of the first half, offsides was called on a member of the Viking’s team which turned the possession over to ABE once again. The goalie, Farzin Shamloo, for ABE launched the ball down the field, where Jota gave a brilliant assist to his teammate, Mohamed Aboelnou, who scored bringing the lead to 2-0.

The Vikings kicked off the second half with tough offensive pressure and a seemingly “take no prisoners” sort of mentality. Within the first two minutes, they had two break away shots on goal that Mayo Olasubulumi of ABE played a key role in defending.

In a quick sequence of calls, specifically a much disputed hand-ball call, and out of bounds plays the Vikings were able to score an fast goal against ABE from a penalty kick line distance.

As the five minute mark of the second half passed and Aboelnou of ABE assisted his teammate, Leonardo Bertassello, in scoring the 3rd goal for ABE bringing the score to 3-1, tensions rose dramatically between the two teams. There were four rough collisions that sent players from both teams flying to the ground.

In a show of sportsmanship, the teams met center field and shook hands with one another and the referees. ABE was then awarded shirts that, in classic Purdue style read, “I’m here for the gold.”

ABE’s victory, aside from skill, can be attributed to their communication as a team. Throughout the match, they were consistently talking to one another which worked to their advantage during the fast paced game. They truly functioned like a well oiled machine, hustling at all times and subbing players out as needed.

"The final was really tough. They had guys who are able to shoot the ball from any distance. We did a great job defensively, especially our forwards, who ran up and down the field during the whole game. All the goals that we scored were made thanks to our ability to exploit the other team’s mistakes. Overall, a fun game that I think we deserved to win,” Jota said.

Jota also noted that he enjoyed being part of such a diverse team. Among the 11 players on the team they had people from Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Irán, Spain, México, Colombia, Italy, and Honduras.

ABE’s ability to communicate as they did with such a diverse group of athletes makes their win all the more impressive.


2017 May Maha Fluid Power Laboratory News

Maha Awards

Congratulations go out to Divya Thiagarajan and Dr. Vacca for being named recipients of the 2017 Bisland Dissertation Fellowship! The fellowship honors students who have demonstrated academic excellence― winners include Thiagarajan and Vacca, Ruouyu You working under Dr. Chen, and Rohit Kumar working under Dr. Wassgren. The fellowship will help fund Thiagarajan as she continues the important work of designing efficient external gear machines capable of operating with water, rather than oil, as a hydraulic fluid.

Congratulations also goes out to the Maha Fluid Power Research Center student team for winning this year’s Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge. The NFPA (National Fluid Power Association) hosts this annual competition to design a chainless fluid-powered bicycle in order to get students a hands-on learning experience in hydraulics. The Maha team under the supervision of Dr. Vacca placed number one in the reliability race, best design, and efficiency challenge categories of the competition. The team’s secrets to success include using the hollow inside of the bike frame as hydraulic reservoir in order to keep the bike compact, and installing an accumulator to allow for energy recovery during braking.

Maha Graduates

On April 12, Taeho Kim successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on active vibration damping in axial piston machines of swashplate type with the objective of reducing noise. This research is important because these machines are used in a wide range of applications: they serve as pumps and motors in the hydraulic circuits of construction equipment, farming equipment, and even aircraft. Kim’s novel adaptive feedforward algorithm shows a significant reduction in the swashplate acceleration in both experiment and measurement, and his experiments uncovered the severe influence that temperature can have on both the vibrations and emitted noise of these machines. Congratulations Dr. Kim!

Maha New Faces

The Maha Fluid Power Research Center would like to welcome the following new visiting scholars: Wuyu Chen, Maurizio Zullo, Vincenzo Vitiello and Dr. Jörg Edler.

2017 May Undergraduate Student News

Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium

Several ABE students took part in the Undergraduate Research and Poster Symposium Awards Ceremony on April 11. Their poster presentations, abstracts, and undergraduate research garnered them recognition: First place in the College of Agriculture award category went to Barbara McAnulty, Kathryn Atherton, and Madalyn Alm, all under the mentorship of Professor Kari Clase. Thank you for being such fine representatives of our College as well as ABE!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

Jake Allrich, Brandon Ames, Stephen Andreanopoulos, Mark Aronson, Lauren Bailey, Grace Baldwin, Haley Berner, Austin Bitting, Michelle Bonahoom, Austin Bossaer, Evan Bourne, John Bowis, Jared Cates, Zhengpu Chen, Alyssa Christoffer, Sana Chughtai, Henry Clark, Hannah Cook, Alacyn Cox, Michael Dexheimer, Dan Ding, Ryan Drehs, Ross Fox, Derek Franke, Lydia Furrow, Austin Gantzert, Daniel Glass, Ivanna Gomez, Darcie Gorsuch, Sarah Greensfelder, Joel Hawbaker, Kristin Hendricks, Paige Hiday, David Hobbs, Zackariah Horn, Andrew Huang, Zachary Hurd, Levi Jackson, Klayton Jasinski, Meilin Jiang, Stephen Kines, Braydon Kitchel, Alexis Laureano, Amelia Lindsay, Zhangxuan Liu, Christopher Long, Adam Luhnow, Yizhou Mao, James Marschand, Seth Metcalf, Michael Murdock, Zachary Oberhaus, Nichols Palcheff, Jacob Price, Sarah Reaves, Ryan Romanowski, Lucas Schmit, Luke Schnur, Grant Schuler, Andrew Schwinn, Rachel Seals, Megan Shively, Matthew Simpson, Alec Sipes, Anderson Smith, Tyler Smith, Cameron Smith, Zhihang Song, Cody Spoolstra, Nathaniel Spratt, Albern Tan, William Tipton, Hanna Tso, Neil Underwood, Stephen Ussery, Paige Weber, Kimberly Wylin, Lingyu Yang

2016-2017 ABE Outstanding Undergraduate Students

  • Freshmen
    • Adam Hemmelgarn, Pre-ABE*
    • Jonathan Neff, ASM
  • Sophomores
    • Katie Carnahan, ASM
    • Zane Gottschalk, AE
    • Margaret Hegwood, BE*
  • Juniors
    • Jared Bedel, ASM
    • Mark Gee, BE*
    • Peter Rusche, AE
  • Seniors
    • Austin Bitting, ASM
    • Anderson Smith, AE*
    • Hanna Tso, BE

*Submitted for College-level award

Senior Design/Senior Capstone Winning Posters:

  • Bioprocess Division: First Place - Hard Apple Cider Production (Sana Chughtai, Lydia Furrow, Meilin Jiang, Nathan Spratt)
  • Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering Division - Master Plan Demonstration Farm Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana (Grace Baldwin)
  • Food Division: Design and Production of the Whole 6 Bar (Haley Berner, Darcie Gorsuch, Zach Oberhaus, and Cameron Smith)
  • Product Handling & Procesing Division: Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition - FiltraSoy (Andrew Huang, Anderson Smith)
  • Sensors & Electronics Division: GKN Universal Joint Temperature Sensor (Lucas Schmit, David Hobbs)
  • Vehicles Division: John Deere Tie-Rod (Amelia Lindsay, Alacyn Cox)

2017 Redbud Report

For many years Dr. Richard Stroshine has tracked the blooming dates for our redbud trees. In his words: "The earliest bloom date I recorded was in 2012 which was also a somewhat dry year.  I know because that was the year we had aflatoxin in some of the corn grown here in Indiana.  That is a very infrequent occurrence for Indiana. One of the later bloom dates, but not the very latest, was for 2009 which was the year we had a very cool July followed by a very wet fall (rain several times each week for the entire month of October).  That year we had trouble with another mycotoxin that is Deoxynevalenol (DON) also know as vomitoxin because it does that to swine when they eat contaminated grain."

Date of bloom Years it bloomed on that date
March 23 2012
April 12 2010
April 14 2000, 2017
April 15 1991
April 18 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007
April 19 1998, 2003, 2006, 2016
April 20 2013, 2014
April 22 1999, 2015
April 23 1990, 2009, 2011
April 24 1995, 2008
April 25 1994
April 30 1992, 1993
May 2 1996
May 3 1997


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